Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do I use the "meals" portion of my meal plan?
    You will be able to use a meal swipe for breakfast and dinner at Wilson Dining Hall on Monday through Friday and for Brunch and dinner on weekends.  If you have the Ultimate 700 plan you can enjoy all 14 All You Care to Eat (AYCE) meals each week.  If you are on the 10 Meal Plan you can pick any 10 AYCE meals each week. 

  • If I have a meal plan can I bring a friend to Wilson Dining Hall during the All You Care to Eat meal times?
    Sure. You can use one of the guest passes that are part of your meal plan or you can use your declining balance dollars to pay the guest price of the meal for your guest.

  • Can I use one of my "all you care to eat" meals to pay for a friend or guest's meal?
    No, the meals on your meal plan are for you as the meal plan holder and are not transferrable to someone else.  But you can use a guest pass or declining balance dollars to pay for your guest's meal.

  • Does my Declining Balance expire at the end of each semester?
    Yes, for the Ultimate 700 and the 10 Meal Plan - the declining balance dollars expires at the end of the semester. For the All DCB Plans, the declining balance dollars will expire at the end of the Fall semester, unless you purchase the plan again for the Spring semester, in which case, they will roll over! All funds will expire at the end of the school year.

  • How do I find out my card balance?
    Simply present your card to any dining service cashier at our facilities with your purchase. Your updated balance is available at the time of the transaction.

  • I lost my card! What now?
    Contact Public Safety by calling 215-895-1117 to report it lost or stolen. Lost cards can be replaced for a $10 fee.

  • May I add more Declining Balance to my account?
    Yes, you can add more money to your Declining Balance account at any point during the semester. To do so, please visit Cathy Mini in the Business and Events Services office in Wilson Dining Hall.
  • What happens to dining dollars that I have remaining?
    Your remaining (non-meal) Dining Dollars will transfer from semester to semester and from academic year to academic year.

  • Why do my unused meals and declining balance on the Ultimate 700 and the 10 meal plan not roll over to the next semester or next academic year?
    Meal plan expenses include the cost not only of food, but of dining services and operational expenses that are budgeted based on all meal plan participants.
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